Quick Tip - Scaling to Avoid Wasted Paper

As part of an effort to not print so much, I have been saving many items to my devices (usually PDF's) or saving (clipping) to a note taking app. When I do print, I prefer to use as little paper as possible, so the tip below is useful to me. I hope someone out there also finds it useful. 

When you select to print a document from the internet, you might end up with an extra page that only has between one and five lines on it. Maybe you don't mind having that extra sheet of paper with the one to five lines, maybe you do. If you do mind, keep reading and learn about one way that you can avoid this.

Below you will see sample images with a recipe that I selected to print. I had planned to test out the recipe too but Hurricane Irma has delayed those plans. 

If you want to check out the recipe for yourself, or just to test out this tip, head over to Jo Cooks and print yourself a copy of the No Knead Dutch Oven Crusty Bread

Now back to the tip... 

You will see inside the oval that this recipe currently requires two sheets of paper to print. The arrows on the right are there to show you what text will be moved and where it will be moved to once we adjust the scale setting. 

Notice the black rectangle on the left side near the center of the sample image. Inside the rectangle there is a + and the words More settings. 

You will need to point with your mouse and click on the words More settings.

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sample image 1

This will open up additional options and one of those options will be the scale setting. This is the setting we will adjust.

The scale setting is generally set at 100 (100%) which you can see inside the black rectangular box in the next sample image.

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sample image 2

I find that I only need to adjust the scale a small amount, usually from about one to ten percent less. 

So instead of a scale of 100%, you will adjust down from about 99% to as much as 90%. 

In this sample there was about four lines of text and a line of space. This required an adjustment down to 90%.

quick tip, computer, chrome, printing
sample image 3

If you have a page with only one line of text, it may only require an adjustment of 1-3% less. I usually adjust my settings based on the goal of not having a page with only one to five lines on it and making sure that my printed page is still easy to read. 

You can adjust less or more depending on your needs. That is it for this quick tip. I hope you found this useful. 

The sample images were edited in *Paint.net, and the watermark was created with *UMark. *No affiliation, I just like them and find them useful.

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my blog.

Before Your Executor Just Dumps Your Stuff on A Library’s Doorstep

Do you have plans for your genealogical files, like where or who they will go to, once you've passed away?

I have most of my files backed up digitally and not very much after that is actual paper files. I hadn't planned to have any of the records turned over to a library.

Instead the plan is to leave any records with a daughter or other family member who has interest.

That person will be able to continue the work or at the very least be responsible for the files and decide who will get them next. There are also online trees that are still in place with at least a few family members having access.

This should help to ensure that whatever has been documented so far, will not be easily lost after I'm gone.

The following article has some great tips about better ways to handle your records, with the most important one being to have a plan.

Before Your Executor Just Dumps Your Stuff on A Library’s Doorstep

Playing With Beads and Wire

Recently I began exploring the craft of jewelry making. My first efforts were earrings which is not too surprising since I have always had a small obsession with earrings. 

The only other jewelry I have ever had an interest in were bracelets and brooches or cameos. I don't wear any of those three items very much but I do wear earrings quite a lot, so it's a safer bet that there will be more earrings made than anything else.

Unless otherwise stated, most of my attempts will be made from natural stones or glass beads, wire, and an assortment of metal findings. All metals will be the real deal or at least nickel free / hypo allergenic. I'm doing that because it's healthier for my skin and there is a good chance that I will really want to wear some of the earrings that I make.

Here are a few of my favorites from the first attempts. I created the first three pair of earrings after watching several videos. The first three that I made, not pictured here, are similar in style to these turquoise earrings below.

Turquoise Earrings

Since I am just learning and sharing what I created from that process, I didn't go through a ton of effort to take the pictures. In fact, my SO eventually handled the picture taking with his phone because my chosen device for picture taking was being difficult at the time.

The next pair of earrings up for admiration are dangling off of my finger. They are green, white, and violet, with flowers on the beads. These were inspired by a tutorial that I found over on Beadlust. It's an older tutorial and I think I might have initially found it through Pinterest.

Floral Earrings

When I started making these, I was pretty sure that they would be my most favorite of the bunch. In the end that turned out to not be the case. They might be a close second. I'm still trying to decide if I want to cut off the silver bead at the end or keep looking for the wire I want to use and remake them for a third time. 

These last pair of earrings were all me, in design that is, and they are my most favorite of the three shared here today. I've been wearing them more than the turtle earrings that my SO gifted to me a few months ago, which is a definite thing, since he's such a keeper and turtles are so awesome! 

 geometric earrings
Geometric Earrings

Learning about different types of wire, how to work with the wire, and then making all of these earrings was super enjoyable. There are more earring ideas in the works, and I hope to blog about those as soon as I'm done with the set up of this new blog.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about my jewelry making efforts. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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