A2Z Blogging Challenge - Letter C - Cosplay

April 3 2018, Letter C



Our family has great appreciation for dressing up in costume but the opportunity to do so, and maybe the dedication too, might be limited to Halloween or annual visits to a Medieval Fair. 

An exception to this would be with Ashley. 

Ashley seems to be a magnet for opportunities involving costume and cosplay. She also seems to be for the most part, the most dedicated of our family members, where costuming and cosplay are concerned. 

I have lots of admiration for her and many others that cosplay. The creativity and ingenuity that goes into making each cosplay come to life can be rather amazing. 

One of my favorites of Ashley's cosplay efforts so far is her mashup of Poison Ivy and Little Shop of Horrors. 

I think the best part of this cosplay is the plant prop a.k.a. Audrey II. 

The rest of the cosplay was pretty cool too, but...

I ♥ this prop! 😍

I have included a few of Ashley's process pics below (with her permission) so that you can also admire her crafty work.

The main image at the beginning of this blog post includes the wig from the Poison Ivy portion of the cosplay with one of the completed images of Audrey II. 

I think you really have to see this thing up close to fully appreciate it, so here you go, a close up of Audrey II. 

I think the detail on this prop is bloody awesome, don't you!?! 

The only downside that I could think of was that the prop was not animated or vocal. 


How we can't offer up our enemies to this Audrey II. Then again, if you've seen Little Shop of Horrors, you know that could turn out to be problematic after a while, so it's probably better that we couldn't feed this plant. I guess. 😈

Even without it being animated, I think Audrey II is awesome and would make a great home decor item for Halloween, or any other time of the year. We might have considered commissioning Ashley to make additional Audrey II's but she is already busy working on her next cosplay.

If you'd like to see what Ashley is working on now or see more pictures of this cosplay, you can check our her Facebook page: Hallow Cosplay & Crafts. The Facebook page is new but Ashley's interest in dressing up in costume whenever she can, is not. If you want to be updated on all of Ashley's cosplay and non cosplay crafty efforts feel free to like and follow her page. 

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you have enjoyed this Letter C entry as part of our participation in the A2Z Blogging Challenge.

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